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Chiropody Advice and Treatments

Problems with your feet can encompass a wide range of conditions that can impair everyday enjoyment and make even the simplest of tasks such as taking the kids to school, going to the shops and even climbing the stairs feel like a heavy undertaking. At The Courtyard Clinic, you can be provided with a range of treatments and advices such as;

  • Callous Removal
  • Callosities (Hard Skin)
  • Prescription Insoles
  • Corn Removal
  • Nail infections
  • In-Growing Toenail Treatment

Products to Help Treat Your Conditions

Choosing the right foot condition remedy for you can be a tricky situation. Knowing what is best for your feet to treat not only the symptoms, but the underlying cause as can seem like a minefield. At The Courtyard Clinic we can offer a range of products to help cure your ailments including:

  • “Simply Feet” Foot Cream and Heel Balm
  • CCS Foot Cream and Heel Balm
  • Foot Files
  • Standard Sizes and Prescription Insoles
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